2018, 100 strands of my hair spun into 6 foot long thread, 72 x 156 inches.

“Over the past two years, Katie Revilla has collected strands of her lost hair. This process initially started as a way for Revilla to archive a small part of her body that she loses on a daily basis. For Revilla, this mode of visual documentation has turned into a deeper understanding of the dissociation and rejection of her own body and the way it can amass space larger than itself.

There is an interesting dichotomy between the vanity of hair and the way it becomes shameful to posses it. The desire for hair to be removed from oneself, to reject one’s own body has become systematically ingrained. Once disconnected from the body, this fiber becomes a distant object and one that is no longer accepted as a part of ourselves. Revilla’s installation calls attention to this transformation, as well as the feelings of disgust and shame that have become internalized, especially through a westernized lens of feminine beauty. “

- Samantha Reynolds, Exhibitions Coordinator at Root Division